ARCHIVED: OpenVAERS Call to Action July 2, 2021

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The Arkivist
Published on
July 16, 2021

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Dear Friends:

Last week we put out our first call to action. We were not sure what to expect. But the response was incredible! Thousands of people printed out the 1-page PDF, addressed & stamped their envelopes, and took this fight off social media and into the mailboxes of elected officials across the country. The censors at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter do not get the last word. We take the fight directly to those in power.

It’s hard to put into words how horrifying this week’s numbers are. 2,063 new deaths were added making this the deadliest week ever recorded by VAERS. There are now 9,048 reports of fatalities following these shots in the last seven months and we know that this is just a fraction of the real total. This is the most catastrophic shot rollout in U.S. history. Coronavirus shots are the most dangerous product on the market today. The current campaign is actually Phase III of the clinical trials. The data show that this product must be removed from the market immediately.

That’s where you come in. We’ve got a new 1-page PDF with the latest numbers from VAERS. We are asking you to print 10 to 20 copies (at home or send to your nearest copy shop). Then we want you to MAIL this 1-pager to every one of your elected representatives. This means (depending on where you live): your school board, school superintendent, city councilor, mayor, county supervisor, county executive, state representative, state senator, 2 U.S. Senators, 1 House member, and the President. Do as many as you feel comfortable with. It'll be more impactful if you personalize each letter in some way: have a salutation at the top and sign your name on the bottom; slap a Post-It Note on there saying, "Hey, this is the website I was telling you about!" highlight something that stood out to you; or write a note in the margins. Whatever it takes to get the message across!

You can download and print this week’s PDF here: Friday OpenVAERS Alert

You can now join our email list to be notified of the call to action each week. Please tell your friends about this effort and invite them to join the movement to stop Pharma’s disastrous war against the American people. Most elected officials live inside an information bubble created by the pharmaceutical industry. We must introduce reality into their lives and make them see the harms that they are causing with these dangerous experimental gene therapies.

Blessings to all the warrior moms, dads, and grandparents! Let's roll!!!

The OpenVAERS Team

p.s. This is a helpful website for looking up all of your elected officials at one time. (You don't have to mail to all of the judges but school boards are really important!) Let us know if there is a better website we should use.

p.p.s. If you feel inspired, please take a photo of the letters you created and send the photo to so that we can feature your efforts on our website and social media!

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