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The OpenVAERS Red Box Report

The OpenVAERS Red Box Report




Dear ‍Jack Boteler,


VAERS reached another grim milestone: 1,000,227 reports of injury following coronavirus vaccines. This is unprecedented in the history of the U.S. vaccine program.


In the 31-year history of VAERS, there are 9,248 reports of fatalities following other vaccines. Since the start of the coronavirus vaccine campaign there have been 21,002 reports of death following coronavirus vaccines.


110,609 reports of hospitalization and 10,640 heart attacks following coronavirus vaccinations are also horrifying new records. 


Meanwhile CDC fixers Tom Shimabukuro and John Su spend their days working feverishly to try to make the signals go away. But the signals refuse to go away because the data is the data and millions of people are waking up to the truth that these products are dangerous. 


Every day of the last two years has been heartbreaking. The only silver lining is that so many of you share the data with others and in the process bring forward the day when justice shall be done.  


The OpenVAERS Team





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