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The OpenVAERS Red Box Report

The OpenVAERS Red Box Report




Dear ‍Visitor,


As you know, Pfizer and Moderna desperately want to get their experimental mRNA shots authorized for little kids. They face numerous hurdles:

• There is no Covid emergency in children.[1]

• The shots do not work in this population.[2]

• And the shots come with catastrophic side effects.[3]

The White House, FDA, and CDC have begun to push to get these terrible products across the line. The White House has already bought the doses and syringes for kids and developed a pediatric planning guide to shoot this toxic junk into little kids immediately, if it is authorized.[4] The CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly report pushes out increasingly preposterous propaganda to hide the fact that these shots have negative efficacy.[5, 6] The federal government put out another hit piece on ivermectin this week because that's what clowns do. If history is any guide, both the FDA and CDC will lie about safety and efficacy when they review the Pfizer and Moderna Emergency Use Authorization applications in April.

At OpenVAERS all we care about is the facts. To that end, this week we built a new section: Child Summaries.[7] It's like the Red Box Summaries but focused on Covid vaccine adverse event reports in connection with kids. This builds on the work of our Child Reports tab that enables you to read all 44,975 reports to date of adverse events in kids following Covid shots.[8]

As you will see, the carnage from these shots in kids is truly horrifying. And remember, Pfizer shots for children 5 to 11 were only authorized in November of 2021 and the injury reports are already off the charts. If the FDA and CDC authorize these shots in kids under 5, the carnage will increase.

To date there are:
91 reports of death,
386 reports of permanent disability, and
1,238 reports of myocarditis.
The best estimates are that these are undercounts by a factor of 41 to 100.[9]

So what is to be done? OpenVAERS operates from the policy of the "data is the data" and lets you draw your own conclusions. However others have studied this data and issued urgent calls to action with instructions for exactly how you can fight back.[10] Of course if you prefer, you can always take the blue pill and "the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe."[11] As with everything, let your conscience be your guide.

Thank you for sharing the truth with others.

The OpenVAERS Team




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