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VAERS ID: 2272636

AGE: UNK| SEX: F|State: FR


left bundle branch block; she was stressed; sore spot in the left breast; occasional pain at night; Chest discomfort / Chest pain; Tachycardia; Vaccination site pain; Feeling sick; This is a spontaneous report received from a contactable reporter(s) (Consumer or other non HCP) from the regulatory authority. The reporter is the patient. Regulatory number: FR-AFSSAPS-ST20221101. A 71-year-old female patient received BNT162b2 (COMIRNATY), on 17Nov2021 as dose 3 (booster), 0.3ml single (Lot number: 1F1019A) intramuscular, in left arm for covid-19 immunisation. The patient's relevant medical history included: "Sclerosis multiple" (ongoing). Concomitant medication(s) included: OCREVUS. Vaccination history included: Covid-19 vaccine (DOSE 1, favorable outcome.), for covid-19 immunisation, reaction(s): "Vaccination site pain"; Covid-19 vaccine (DOSE 1, favorable outcome.), for COVID-19 immunisation, reaction(s): "malaise"; Covid-19 vaccine (DOSE 2, favorable outcome.), for COVID-19 immunisation, reaction(s): "Malaise", "Vaccination site pain". The following information was reported: MALAISE (non-serious) with onset 22Nov2021, outcome "recovered", described as "Feeling sick"; VACCINATION SITE PAIN (non-serious) with onset 22Nov2021, outcome "recovered"; CHEST DISCOMFORT (medically significant) with onset Jan2022, outcome "recovering", described as "Chest discomfort / Chest pain"; TACHYCARDIA (medically significant) with onset Jan2022, outcome "recovering"; PAIN (non-serious) with onset 21Apr2022, outcome "unknown", described as "occasional pain at night"; BUNDLE BRANCH BLOCK LEFT (non-serious), outcome "unknown", described as "left bundle branch block"; STRESS (non-serious), outcome "unknown", described as "she was stressed"; BREAST PAIN (non-serious), outcome "unknown", described as "sore spot in the left breast". The event "left bundle branch block" required physician office visit. The event "chest discomfort / chest pain" required emergency room visit. The patient underwent the following laboratory tests and procedures: Heart rate: (09Jan2022) 195, notes: 195bpm during a walk; (21Jan2022) 190, notes: 190 bpm; (21Jan2022) 209, notes: 209 bpm; ergocycle: (06Jan2022) decreased results at the ergocycle.; Radioisotope scan: (18Mar2022) Normal. Clinical course: After each injection (Dose 1, Dose 2 and Booster Dose 1): pain at the vaccination site and malaise, favourable outcome. On 06Jan2022 i.e (that was) 1.5 months after Booster Dose 1: decreased results at the ergocycle. On 09Jan2022, 195 bpm during a walk. consultation with the cardiologist: advice to slow down. On examination, he diagnosed a de novo left bundle branch block and prescribed cardiac scintigraphy. On 21Jan2022: chest pain. Emergency consultation, the doctor confirmed the absence of infarction and the presence of de novo left bundle branch block. Tachycardia between 190 and 209 bpm without particular pain. At night, woke up with a painful spot in the left breast which faded after about an hour. Scintigraphy was performed on 18Mar: result normal. Tachycardia on exertion and occasional pain at night (21Apr2022). The patient asked for the activities she could do despite persistent tachycardia. The secretary responded on behalf of the doctor that she was stressed and needed to do sports. No follow-up attempts are possible. No further information is expected.


Breast pain, Malaise, Vaccination site pain, Bundle branch block left, Pain, Chest discomfort, Radioisotope scan, Heart rate, Stress, Investigation, Tachycardia


VAX DATE: 16 November 2021 | ONSET DATE: 21 November 2021 | DAYS TO ONSET: 5
Vaccine TypeManufacturerVaccine NameDoseRouteSiteLot
  • COVID19
  • 3
  • OT
  • LA
  • 1F1019A

RECVDATE:11 May 2022
LAB_DATA:Test Date: 20220109; Test Name: Heart rate; Result Unstructured Data: Test Result:195; Comments: 195bpm during a walk; Test Date: 20220121; Test Name: Heart rate; Result Unstructured Data: Test Result:190; Comments: 190 bpm; Test Date: 20220121; Test Name: Heart rate; Result Unstructured Data: Test Result:209; Comments: 209 bpm; Test Date: 20220106; Test Name: ergocycle; Result Unstructured Data: Test Result:decreased results at the ergocycle.; Test Date: 20220318; Test Name: Cardiac scintigraphy; Result Unstructured Data: Test Result:Normal
CUR_ILL:Sclerosis multiple
TODAYS_DATE:10 May 2022
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